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220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor
Basic Info

Model No.:  E180

Product Description Model NO.: E180 Output Type: Triple Switch Mode: Water Pipe Voltage of Power Supply: Low Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Nature of DC Power: Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Brand: Delixi Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: 0.4kw-630kw Starting Mode: Current Limiting / Voltage / Heavy Load Start Delay: Can Be Set Digitally DC Reactor: Standard Built-in Specification: CE HS Code: 8504409999 Application: High-performance Transducer, Three Phase Transducer, Single-phase Transducer Principle of Work: V/F Control Transducer Main Circuit Type: Voltage Link of Transformation: AC-DC-AC Variable-Frequency Drive Function: Constant Torque Universal Type Voltage: Three Phase 380V Output Frequency: 0~3200Hz Brake Unit: Internal Brake Unit Start and Stop Time: Can Be Set Digitally Emergency Stop: Stop The Output of The Soft Starter Trademark: DELIXI Origin: Hangzhou, China
220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump CompressorFeature: 1."High precision", "high performance", "high cost-effective".  2.High control precision   3.Rapid torque response 4. High starting torque 5.Various vector controls of motors are available 6.Diversified menu display modes 7.Function of built-in timer 8.Built-in virtual time-delay relay 9. Function of built-in operating module 10.Function of rapid current limiter 11.Excellent capability of power drive control
220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor

220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor  
Model list:
Series No. Model Rated Capacity
Rated Input Current
Rated Output Current
Adaptive Motor
Brake Unit DC Reactor LCD Keyboard
E100/E102 Series S2 (Single-phase220V, 50/60Hz)
CDI-E100G0R4S2B 0.8 5.0 2.0 0.4 Standard Built-in N/A N/A
CDI-E100G0R75S2B 1.5 9 4.0 0.75
CDI-E100G1R5S2B 2.7 15.7 7.0 1.5
CDI-E100G2R2S2B 3.8 27 10.0 2.2
T2 (Three-phase 220V, 50/60Hz)
CDI-E100G0R4T2B 0.8 2.3 2.0 0.4 Standard Built-in N/A N/A
CDI-E100G0R75T2B 1.5 6 4.0 0.75
CDI-E100G1R5T2B 2.7 8.8 7.0 1.5
CDI-E100G2R2T2B 3.8 12.5 10.0 2.2
T4 (Three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz)
CDI-E100G0R75T4B 1.5 3.4 2.3 0.75 Standard Built-in N/A N/A
CDI-E100G1R5T4B 3.0 5.0 3.7 1.5
CDI-E100G2R2T4B 4.0 5.8 5.1 2.2
CDI-E100G3R7T4B 5.9 10.5 8.8 3.7
E180 Series T4 (Three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz)
CDI-E180G0R75T4B 1.5 3.4 2.3 0.75 Standard Built-in N/A Optional
CDI-E180G1R5T4B 3 5.0 3.7 1.5
CDI-E180G2R2T4B 4 5.8 5.0 2.2
CDI-E180G3R7/P5R5T4B 5.9/8.5 10.5/15.5 8.8/13 3.7/5.5
CDI-E180G5R5MT4B 8.5 15.5 13 5.5
CDI-E180G5R5/P7R5T4B 8.5/11 15.5/20.5 13/17 5.5/7.5
CDI-E180G7R5/P011T4B 11/17 20.5/26 17/25 7.5/11
CDI-E180G011MT4B 17 26 25 11
CDI-E180G011/P015T4BL 17/21 26/35 25/32 11/15 Standard Built-in
CDI-E180G015/P018.5T4BL 21/24 35/38.5 32/37 15/18.5
CDI-E180G018.5/P022T4 24/30 38.5/46.5 37/45 18.5/22 Optional Built-in Optional Built-in
CDI-E180G022/P030T4 30/40 46.5/62 45/60 22/30
CDI-E180G030/P037T4 40/50 62/76 60/75 30/37
CDI-E180G037/P045T4 50/60 76/92 75/90 37/45 Optional Built-out
CDI-E180G045/P055T4 60/72 92/113 90/110 45/55
CDI-E180G055/P075T4 72/100 113/157 110/152 55/75
CDI-E180G075/P093T4 100/116 157/180 152/176 75/93 Optional Built-out
CDI-E180G093/P110T4 116/138 180/214 167/210 93/110
CDI-E180G110/P132T4 138/167 214/256 210/253 110/132
CDI-E180G132/P160T4 167/200 256/305 253/300 132/160
CDI-E180G160/P185T4 200/224 305/344 300/340 160/185
CDI-E180G185/P200T4 224/250 344/383 340/380 185/200
CDI-E180G200/P220T4 250/276 383/425 380/420 200/220 Standard Built-in
CDI-E180G220/P250T4 276/316 425/484 420/480 220/250
CDI-E180G250/P280T4 316/355 484/543 480/540 250/280
CDI-E180G280/P315T4 355/395 543/605 540/600 280/315
CDI-E180G315/P355T4 395/447 605/683 600/680 315/355
CDI-E180G355/P375T4 447/467 683/714 680/710 355/375
CDI-E180G375/P400T4 467/494 714/753 710/750 375/400
CDI-E180G400/P500T4 494/612 753/934 750/930 400/500
CDI-E180G500/P630T4 612/790 934/1206 930/1200 500/630
CDI-E180G630T4 790 1206 1200 630

Technical specification of E-Series Frequency inverter
  Item Specifications
Control Control method V/F control
Vector control SVC
Vector control VC    Invalid for E100/E102 series
Frequency accuracy Digital value 0.02%
Analogue value 0.1%
V/F curve Linear   Squareroot   Any V/F
Overload capacity G type machine: 150% rated current 60s;  180% rated current 3s
P type machine: 120% rated current 60s;  150% rated current 3s
Starting torque G type machine: 0.5Hz/150% SVC; 0Hz/180% VC
Speed regulation scope 1:100 SVC 1:1000 SVC
Speed stabilizing scope 0.5% SVC 0.02%
Torque control precision 5% VC
Torque compensation Manual torque compensation 0.10% 30.0% Automatic torque compensation
Operation mode Keyboard, terminal, RS 485 communication
Functions of basic type Frequency source 14 types of main frequency sources, 14 types of auxiliary frequency sources. Combined switching-over in multiple ways are available. Diversified input method of frequency source, keyboard potentiometer, external analog quantity, digital set point, pulse frequency, multi-speed, simple PLC, communication, operation results.
Torque source 14 types of torque source, including digital set point, external analog quantity, pulse set point, multi-stage instructions, communication, operation results.
Time of ACC/DEC 4 groups of straight lines, switchable by means of time of ACC/DEC, S curve 1, S curve 2
Emergency shut down Stop the output of the frequency inverter suddenly
Multi-speed It may set 16 speeds maximally, which may be switched by means of multi instruction terminals.
Simple PLC function It may set 16 speeds, and the deceleration time, operation time and frequency source may be set independently.
Jogging control The jogging frequency and jogging time of ACC/DEC may be set independently, and it may also set the preference to jogging under operation status.
Speed tracking The load speed tracked by the frequency inverter is started.
Fixed-length, fixed-distance control It may realize the fixed-length and fixed-distance control by the pulse input.
Counting control It may realize the counting function by the pulse input.
Swinging control It may be applied for the winding equipment of textiles.
Built-in PID It may realize SVC.
AVR function It may ensure the output of constancy in voltage fluctuation of network.
DC brake It may stop the machine steadily and quickly.
Slip compensation It is to compensate the slip deviation caused by increased load.
Hopping frequency It is to prevent the resonance with load.
Dropping function It is to balance the several motors with the same load.
Timing control The frequency inverter may stop working after the given time.
Technical specification of E-Series Frequency inverter
  Item Specification
Functions of enhanced type Built-in virtual delay timer It may conduct simple logic programming for multi-functional output terminals and digital input terminals; therefore, it may be considered as equivalent to the digital input terminal and may realize output via multi-functional output terminal.
Built-in timer It has 2 built-in timers to collect input timing signals and then output the signals.
Those timers may be used together or independently.
Built-in operation module It has 1 quad operation module and may conduct simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, judgment of size and integral operations.
Communication E100 The control panel has RS 485 communication interface and it supports MODBUS protocol.
E102/E180 The control panel has no RS communication interface and shall be installed with an external communication expansion card.
It supports standard MODBUS protocol and may be installed with MODBUS communication expansion card.
Encoder E100 It may connect to the encoder via DI5 and DI6 terminals on the control panel. Such connection may realize SVC easily via PID control and may be applied to those requiring lower control precision.
E180 Since the control panel has no encoder interface, it shall be installed with an expansion card. It supports ABZ incremental encoder, UVW incremental encoder and rotary transformers. Such connection may realize high performance VC and may be applied for those requiring higher control precision.
Type of motor E100/E102 It can only drive the asynchronous motor
E180 It may drive the asynchronous motor and the synchronous motor.
Display Operation information Given frequency, output frequency, output voltage, bus voltage, input signal, feedback value, modular temperature, output frequency, synchronous speed of motor. It may show 32 information by use of >> key.
Error information It may save the 3 failure information with frequency, current, bus voltage, output/input terminal status when failed under failure protection status.
Protection Frequency inverter protection It may protect the equipment against over current, over voltage, modular failure, under voltage, over heat, over load, external failure, EEPROM failure protection, grounding protecting and default phase.
Alarm of frequency inverter It may protect the equipment and send over-load alarm
Instant power down It may keep running in the case of lower than 15 ms.
It may be restarted automatically in the case of larger than 15 ms.
Environment Ambient temperature -10~40
Storage temperature -10~40
Ambient humidity 90% RH maximally, non-condensing
Height/vibration Lower than 1000m, 0.6g
Place of application No etchant gas, inflammable gas, oil mist or dust.
  Cooling method Forced cooling

1. "High precision", "high performance", "high cost-effective".
To satisfy the increasingly higher requirements on the industrial production of frequency inverters, Hangzhou Delixi develops a new E series frequency inverter aiming at the market demands. Compared with the old frequency inverters, its precision and performance are improved substantially besides its optimized structure and appearance. Its powerful built-in function may better fulfill the needs of different industries.

2. High control precision
Speed regulation scope
1: 100 (SVC) 1: 1000(VC)
Speed stabilizing scope
0.5%(SVC) 0.02%(VC)
Torque control precision
5% (VC

3. Rapid torque response
SVC: Torque response < 20ms
VC: Torque response < 5ms

4. High starting torque
SVC: 0.5 Hz may provide 150% starting torque
VC: 0 HZ may provide 180% torque at zero speed

5. Various vector controls of motors are available
E180 Series may drive asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

6. Diversified menu display modes

7. Function of built-in timer
It has two built-in timers to collect input timing signals and realize the output of timing signals. Such function may be used separately or in any combination.

8. Built-in virtual time-delay relay
It has 5 built-in virtual time-delay relays to conduct simple logic operation for multi-functional output terminals and digital input terminal signals. The logic result may be considered as equivalent to input terminal function and also may be output from the multi-functional output terminals. Moreover, the logic results may be conducted with time-delay and negation operations.

9. Function of built-in operating module
One quad operating module is built in. Such module may conduct simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, judgment of size and integral operations. Each operation has 4 input directing addresses and one output directing address. The input directing address is function code.

10. Function of rapid current limiter
In the case the current exceeds the current protection point, the rapid current limiter may keep the current within the current protection point to prevent frequently sending over-current alarm by the frequency inverter and protect the equipment.

11. Excellent capability of power drive control
The maximum drive capability of 24V output power of E-series frequency inverter, equipped with current limiting alarm function, may be 300mA.

The user may use it to supply power to text, touch screen, PLC and relay instead of connecting to an external switch.


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 About us:
220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor Hangzhou Delixi, following the international state-of-art technology, has set up a high-tech eco-industrial park with the investment of 2 billion Yuan, and the park is equipped with domestically leading processing and inspection equipment.Moreover, the company has 1000 sets production equipment and 100 production lines;And also it has set up technological center to focus on the development of high-tech products and improvement of technologies and processes.In 2007, its frequency converter is rated as a high-tech product, and the frequency converter company is recognized as the provincial high-tech company.Its transmitter is developed by cooperation with ABB Company.The automatic surveillance system for substation is one of the Top 10 science and technology planning project of Xihu District in 2007. We are dedicated to providing efficient and stable technical solutions for customers and continuously improving the efficiency of energy use.  Our company, by applying the internationally advanced variable frequency control technology and the actual needs of frequency inverters. In resent years, more than 10 products have won the National patent. Now we have developed and manufactured inverter E180 universal type inverter,E00/E102 series inverters,CDI9200 inverter,CDi9800 vector type inverter. Compared with the old frequency inverters ,E series inverters are improved substantially besides its optimized structure and appearance. Its powerful built-in function many better fulfill the needs of different industries. Besides frequency inverters, we also develop and manufacture the welding machines. including MMA welding machine, TIG welding machine, TIG/MMA welding machine,CO2 MIG welding machine, air plasma cutter, AC/DC TIG wielding machine, submerged arc welding machine, etc. All of our products are widely applied in aviation, shipbuilding, bridges, constructions, automobiles, pressure vessels and industries of mineral and metal processing.  

220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor

220V 380V 440V 660V AC Frequency Inverter for Motor Pump Compressor


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